“Viva Ms. Vegas! A nerd in gold lamé” - Rolling Stone Magazine

The chanteuse of glamorous melancholia, Berlin- and LA-based artist Ava Vegas bends boundaries to create darkly-dreamy pop music that evolves into slow and yet powerful romantic neo-psychedelia.

She is marrying hauntingly atmospheric electronic elements and a touch of Gothic Americana with cinematic indie folk as their love child. Ava Vegas’ low, spellbinding vocals, her ethereal performance, otherworldly presence, and outfits transform every stage into a world between David Lynch’s Twin Peaks nostalgia and modern sad girl disco.

Two years after the release of her debut album “Ava Vegas,” which was widely praised by the media, featured in Rolling Stone magazine, Cosmopolitan, national TV and radio stations, and led to shows all over Germany, the US, as well as the world’s leading showcase festivals such as SXSW, Eurosonic Norderslaag and Reeperbahn Festival, 2022 marks the beginning of a new journey for Ava Vegas, starting with the release of her two new singles “Falling” and “Swimming Pool.”

Ava Vegas’ mesmerizing vocals are immersed in an expanse of warm synthesizer soundscapes and psychedelic nylon string guitars, carried by tribal, cinematic toms, jazz brushes, and bachata-like Latin rhythms, handcrafted by Ava Vegas herself and finished by Rob Kleiner (Euphoria/The Weeknd), creating a universe somewhere between heartbreak and ecstasy, outer-space desert and alien-diva opera.

“Whenever I write a new song, I see the world it’s taking place in first. Suddenly I am in a room or a landscape, I feel the light and temperature on my skin, I take in all the sensations and smells of the place, I know what relationship, feeling or situation in my life this place stands for and how to rebuild it in lyrics and melodies. That’s how I craft a song.”

Constantly fluctuating between music, the arts, and fashion, Ava Vegas has surrounded herself with collaborators and supporters that help broaden her artistic vision. Vogue-photographer Tereza Mundilová shot her infamous Iceland video for “Falling”. Designers and reputable stylists equip her with her signature surreal stage outfits, fashion brands and legendary musicians such as David J from Bauhaus invite her to perform at their events.