It is likely the most unlikely career in German pop in recent years. Ava Vegas originally wanted to build new worlds as an architect, the subject she studied and practiced. However, one day, she came across a melody while spontaneously playing a keyboard. This melody turned into a first song, and soon she realized: I'd rather build worlds in music. "In life, everyone probably comes to a point in which important decisions need to be made," Diffus has written about that moment, "Ava Vegas is the perfect example of how listening to your heart pays off when making those decisions."

After this turning point, she continued to write, sing and produce. Song after song emerged, "beautiful English chansons," as ZEITmagazin would later declare.
Towards the end of 2020, Ava Vegas' debut album was released: "Glitter, glamour and a sprinkle of trash, dreamlike songs that celebrate the beauty of drifting off,” said radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur, "Berlin's answer to Lana Del Rey," Rolling Stone Magazine claimed and listed the album as its recommendation of the month. The most exciting, young German magazine "Das Wetter" put Ava Vegas on its cover and wrote: "Ava Vegas makes pop music in a way that doesn't really happen in Germany. Without too many effects, often romantic and melancholic - somehow serious, definitely unironic, and yet not kitschy.''
In 2021, Ava Vegas played all over Germany, performed at the Dutch Eurosonic Festival, Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg, Waves Vienna Festival, c/o Pop in Cologne and Pop-Kultur in Berlin. She performed on television for the first time, on Morgenmagazin ZDF, during which they said: "A little Ava Gardner, a little Las Vegas, the aesthetic influence of the 70s: this is what singer Ava Vegas sounds like." Cosmopolitan called her a ''lascivious goddess,'' reminiscent "of art-pop icon Nico."

In 2022, her second album will be released: ''Desert Songs.'' As it happens, Ava Vegas wrote her first songs in Iceland, during lockdown, on the edges of one of Europe's largest deserts. She now writes her music mostly on guitar; country being a new influence, as well as sci-fi series like Westworld. The mood in her music is sometimes psychedelic, sometimes transcendental, and sometimes euphoric. Again, she shows that she is a ''glamorous sound architect", as RBB called her. While she created a nightclub-with-red-curtains ambiance for her first album, the first single "Falling" already suggests that we are now in a different place. Perhaps on a ranch overlooking the desert, as it is slowly getting dark. A Negroni sits next to Ava Vegas while she looks into the night. Shadows appear, figures from the past. At some point, reality and dreamland are no longer distinguishable. Then the sun rises as a new day begins, causing the spectres of the past to disappear.

"Falling" was co-produced by Ava Vegas with John Ho, known for Demi Lovato's hit "Dancing with the Devil." Mastering is by Rob Kleiner, the Grammy-nominated producer and mastering engineer of the series "Euphoria," who has also worked with The Weeknd and Britney Spears.

Ava Vegas shot the video for "Falling" in Iceland, where she wrote the song. The video references nineties video games and was directed by Tereza Mundilová, the photographer and artist known for her pictures and videos in Vogue and i-D. Hair and makeup were done by Leana Ardeleanu (Ottolinger, Dazed), styling by Niki Pauls (Chanel, Purple, Vogue), and title design by Basile Fournier.
"Falling" is out February 25.

In March, Ava Vegas will perform the song live for the first time - at the SXSW '22 festival in Austin, Texas.